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Using Rockwool Insulation for Smokers: What you need to know

Using Rockwool insulation for smokers, smokehouses and smoker pits can reduce energy usage by more that 50 percent, which makes a big difference in...

Fire Pits

Double Flame Patio Fire Pit vs. Solo Stove: How do they...

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How to Cook a Chuck Roast on a Pellet Grill

As meat prices soar, we need to return to the wisdom of yesteryear, when cooks didn’t rely on choice cuts of meat but rather...

Patio Heaters

Electric vs. Propane Patio Heater: How do they compare?

A patio heater is an essential home appliance. How so? It lets you turn up the temperature both indoors and outdoors. Particularly, a patio...


Chiminea Lid On or Off?

Chimineas were created in the 1600s in Mexico. Made of clay, copper, steel, cast iron, or cast aluminum, they traditionally have a large round...