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If you have tried feast foods before, you might have realized the need to have smoked chicken wings.

However, smoking chicken wings is not a straightforward thing and needs you to take your time for a good outcome.

As such, you’re going to want to use the best wood to smoke chicken wings.

When you want to cook chicken wings or smoke some chicken, you may prefer fruity wood such as cherry and apple.

However, using such fruity flavors on chicken wings might not be the best option.

Instead of using flavored woods, you can use oak wood chips that work quite well with chicken wings.

Oak wood chips add quite a different flavor to the chicken wings.

It may come as a surprise to you that although these woods are not used in most American barbecues, they are popular for smoking chicken in other countries such as Germany and Britain.

Why oak wood chips are beneficial

Oak wood chips are small pieces derived from the oak tree. They are made from parts such as barks, trunks, branches, and herds.

Indeed, wood chips can be extracted from all tree parts except the leaves.

An oak tree is a heavyweight tree and has less moisture composition compared to other soft trees.

Oak wood contains resin in small amounts, thus producing clean smoke when heated.

Other types of trees such as pine, contain large amounts of resin, which produces carcinogenic smoke.

Therefore, oak wood is the best type of wood as it contains less moisture and has high density making it free from cancerous or hazardous substances.

Apart from this, oak wood does not form creosote on cooked meat, which changes the meat’s real taste.

There are different types of oak trees around the world. At least 600 known species exist, including white and red oak, which are popular.

As such, the oak wood chips are readily available everywhere.

Despite the red oak tree being more robust, red oak and white oak chips are similar.

If you are going for a large scale smoking of chicken wings, red oak chips are the best.

This is because they harder, thus, can burn for many hours.

Apart from that, they bring a flavor on the chicken wings.

Suppose you are looking forward to a smoky flavor for your barbecue, red oak chips the best to use.

Apart from using the chips when dry, fresh wood chips can also be an alternative.

Oak wood chips are also beneficial as they are freshly collected and treated well for smoking purposes.

You can use them in your grill or smoker box without any worry of molds and insects.

Since the chips are dried professionally, they contain small amounts of oxygen.

Other features of oak wood chips include:

  • They are 100 percent natural, thus contain no chemicals or pesticides.
  • They are well treated hence no pastes, insects, or rot, making them risk-free.
  • They come in user-friendly pieces.
  • They have a mild flavor for the chicken wings.
  • They can be used for different types of meat.
  • They offer a better smoky flavor for your chicken wings.

What do oak wood chips do for flavoring?

With oak wood chips, you can choose flavored wood that is easy to use on your gas grill or smoking box.

Using smoking chips for your chicken wings increases their tastiness and eliminates the feeling of eating the same meal daily.

Compared to other types of wood, such as apple and cherry, oak provides a more robust medium smoky flavor.

However, the flavor is lighter than that of Mesquite and hickory.

As such, oak wood chips are great by themselves.

However, if you are looking for more flavor, you can decide to look for oak wood chips with a combined flavor.

For instance, oak wood might have a blended flavor of cherry, hickory, or apple wood.

Due to the versatility that comes with oak wood chips flavor, they work so well with any meat.

However, it would be advisable to use regular oak wood chips for chicken wings to avoid changing the meat’s taste.

Impact on time of cooking

Oak wood chips are suitable for your chicken wings, but it depends on your preference.

There are two types of oak woods: red oak wood and white oak wood. If you have no hurry with your chicken wings, you can use the white oak wood as they burn for a longer time than other types of oaks.

As such, they are recommended for a long time cooking. Besides, white oak works well when you smoke your wings in a smoker.

Conversely, red oak is suitable for faster and short-term cooking. It burns faster and is well suited for meals that cook faster.

Besides, red oak produces heavy smoke that enhances the taste of your chicken wings.

If you are looking forward to game and red meats, red oak chips are the way to go.

Cost of oak wood

With a simple $5.99, you can purchase post oak smoking chips. You can get them from different online stores.

With even a shoestring budget, you can easily purchase these chips to make your barbecue successful.

Compared to other woods such as hickory and cherry, oak woods are readily available.

Oak wood chips’ price range is $5.99 -$11.99. This is the same price range for hickory wood, Mesquite, and cherry woods.

However, it is a bit low compared to the price of pecan wood. Thus, it is one of the cheapest wood to find as it is readily available.

Oak wood spans to almost 600 different species.

Therefore, it is easy to find oak wood chips in your store.

Depending on the type of oak you purchase, you will get the right flavor and realize value for money spent.

At times, oak wood chips are sold in bundles.

Therefore, you need to assess the better price, whether you go for a bundle of a packet.

Is it better for the environment?

As stated earlier in the article, oak wood is dense and contains less moisture.

As such, it is free from cancerous and other hazardous substances.

Therefore, when you burn oak wood for smoking purposes, you are sure that you are not inhaling hazardous substances that may affect your health.

Although smoke is not suitable for inhaling, it is better to regulate the smoke you use in the barbecue.

However, oak wood is recommended due to the absence of dangerous substances.

Also, it does not form creosote on your chicken wings, thus maintains its actual taste.

Is it easier to find?

Oak wood is readily available in the United States and Europe. This is due to the endless variety of oak species.

However, it is essential to note that the red oak tree is more popular than the white oak tree.

Oak wood is the best type of wood for smoking chicken wings. It provides a mild flavor for your meat, thus maintaining its actual taste.

If you are looking forward to smoking some wings soon, oak wood is the way to go.

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