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As summer temperatures soar, even the thought of grilling outside can take the motivation right out of you.

When you want a steak, but it’s too hot to cook both inside and outside, you might find yourself asking, can you cook a steak in a panini press?

And the answer would be yes!

Using a kitchen appliance you already own to hack cooking steaks, you can easily get the job done and get it done well.

There are some things that you need to make sure you do first in order to get the job done right, but once you get set up and cooking you’ll wonder why you never tried it sooner.

Can you cook a steak in a panini press?

Yes, but there are some basics to take care of first to ensure that the press is able to cook your steak properly and that you get an even grill.

The process minimizes the heat produced in your home, and is a lot easier to clean up when you are done.

Plus, it always feels good to know that you are getting your money’s worth when it comes to using the kitchen appliances you already have on hand.

A lot of press users will tell you that it is actually easier to cook steak on a press than it is on an open fire or in a pan because the press is foolproof and does all the work for you.

Completely defrost your steak

Before you can begin the cooking process, it is necessary to completely defrost the steak you will be cooking.

This ensures that the steak will cook properly once it is place on your panini press.

Place your steaks out and allow them to reach room temperature before you add any seasoning or place them on the grill.

Decide on your seasonings or marinade

Seasoning a steak is serious business, but your choice will depend largely on your taste preferences.

Basic steak seasoning works well if you aren’t exactly adventurous or sure about what flavors you will like best.

If you decide that you want to use a marinade instead, you can also do so in a panini press.

Create your own marinade or use one that you already love.

Prepare your steaks

Once the steak is completely thawed out and at room temperature, it is time to prepare your meat with the seasonings you have selected.

Rub olive oil over the entire steak, about one teaspoon worth, and allow that to soak.

Next, sprinkle the seasoning mix you have prepared over both sides of your steak, rubbing it in if preferred.

If you have decided on a marinade, add the marinade to your steak as soon as the steak is ready.

Because marinade needs time to soak into the meat, allow the steak and marinade to sit for a period of time before adding it to the grill.

Preheat your panini press

To ensure a well cooked steak, it is important that your panini press is prepped and evenly heated when you start.

Turn the press on high heat and allow it to reach an even temperature before you place your meat on the grill.

Most panini presses will have a light indicator that lets you know once the desired temperature setting has been reached.

Add your steaks to the press

Finally, it is time to add your steaks to the panini press.

Lay them flat on the grill, making sure all portions are touching the grill and not overhanging the press or rolled onto itself.

Close the press and make sure it is secure as you normally would with anything else you place in the press.

Let your steak cook

Cooking in a panini press is fast, so your steak will be ready in minutes, but it really depends on the way you like your steak.

Seven to ten minutes in the press is the shortest amount of time necessary to ensure your steak is cooked and safe to eat.

Every minute after ten will give you a steak that is cooked through more until you have a well done steak.

Use a meat thermometer to ensure the temperature of your steak is 140 degrees, which indicates that it has cooked through entirely.

Rest your steak

Once your steak is cooked to a desired preference, remove it from the press and place it on a plate to rest.

Resting your steak improves the taste and texture, and should be done before serving.

After it has rested, all that is left to do is serve and enjoy the best steak you’ve ever had with the least amount of work and energy.

And from now on, you know that you can nook steak in a panini press, saving yourself from heat exhaustion and more work.

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