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A fire pit is a classic addition that you can make to any home. Some people prefer to have the fire pit in the backyard with their grill, and they often will add the fire pit to the patio.

However, you might want to consider tiling your fire pit so that it becomes a part of the overall decor.

There are a few ways that you can add your fire pit to the backyard decor, and you can increase the value of the house at the same time.

Choosing a fire pit

You have two options when you would like to add a fire pit to the backyard, you can dig a hole that you will surround with tiles or pavers.

You can purchase a fire pit that will become a part of the overall design, and you simply need to decide which option you prefer.

How do you tile around a ground fire pit?

When you want to tile around a hole in the ground, you need to know how to dig the hole and add tiles or pavers around the space you have created.

You can dig a small hole for your fire pit, but you need to make sure it is not too deep.

Make the hole a little bit wider than you would think is necessary, and you can start tiling around the edges.

You can keep the hole bout two feet wide, and you can dig down about a foot.

Now that you have a space for the fire pit, you need to add some pavers or tiles in that space.

They will sit further down, but they will prevent the soil from catching fire.

Once you have established a perimeter for the fire pit, you can continue to tile so that you do not have any issues.

How do you tile around your fire pit?

When you are ready to tile around your fire pit, you should make sure that you have determined how big the whole area will be.

Some people are setting up a fire pit adjacent to their patio, but others are adding the fire pit near a pool or a deck.

You cannot continue to tile or use pavers infinitely because you do not want to cover the whole yard.

Set up a perimeter that will make it easier for you to know where you will tile to.

This is a very important thing to do because you can account for the size of the pavers.

You can measure, set up stakes or ribbon around the edge of the fire pit, and you can plan to tile this entire area.

What tiles or pavers can you use for a fire pit?

Some people are looking for the best tile for fire pit because the fire pit stands on its own.

Some people need a tile or paver that will fit into the regular design of the area.

You might add tiles over the concrete that was used around the pool or patio.

You might add pavers that continue from your existing patio, or you could use pavers that match your walkways.

When you go to the hardware store or landscaping company to find these products, you should look for all the tiles or pavers you will need to manage the whole area.

You can tile the fire pit at the same time you add walkways to the property.

You could tile the fire pit at the same time you are adding tile around your pool, and you can order pavers that allow you to build a new patio and fire pit.

Can you tile around a physical fire pit?

When you are planning on tiling the area, you might create a design that incorporates the legs of the fire pit.

The tiles or pavers can lead up to the fire pit, and the legs will sit in little gaps you have left behind.

The fire pit will sit in these gaps, and it will not go anywhere.

You can always tile or pave the whole area and simply cut out the spaces that you need to use for the legs.

Are tiles too delicate for this process?

You can use tiles for your fire pit even if they are very small. However, tiles and pavers differ in their purpose.

You can use pavers throughout the area as you try to create a nice design.

Tiles should not be left directly under a fire pt device. Tiles might also burn or char if they are too close to the fire.

You should leave some space for pavers close to the flame, and you should make sure that you have left a gap between the flame and your tiles.

Tiles can also mirror tiles that you have used around the pool or in the decorative area on your patio.

Tiles can take up space between your pavers, and you can create any design you want.

Because you have so much freedom, you will find that it is much easier to create a unique design.

Can you tile a fire pit on uneven ground?

No. You should try to level the ground where the fire pit is located before you begin this process.

You can create a walkway that goes up or down to reach the fire pit, but the area where you will actually burn coals or firewood should be flat.

You can easily level the ground and dig up any uneven soil before you start tiling.

If you are tiling or using pavers in an uneven spot, your tiles or pavers will not stay in the right place.

This can be a massive waste of your time, and it will not look good.

When you are ready to tile or use pavers in this space, you also need to make sure that you pat down the soil.

You want the pavers or tiles to sink down so that they are truly stuck in the ground.

If you cannot do that, you cannot be sure that the tiling or pavers will work.

How do you keep the tiles or pavers in place?

You should make sure that you have grout or adhesive of some kind that sits under your pavers or tiles.

You will need to buy a large vat of this adhesive and use a trowel to spread this material on the ground.

You can set your tiles or pavers in place, and you can continue to build the pattern that you are looking for.

You want to press down on each tile or paver to make sure it is in the ground, and you also need to wipe away any grout or adhesive that has risen to the surface.

You need to let this arrangement dry for a few days. If you try to light the fire pit too soon, you could catch your epoxy, adhesive, or grout on fire.

Always consult an industry professional before attempting to tile around your fire pit, no matter what design you’ll be using.

Can you cut out some concrete and add in a fire pit?

You may not have much room, but you can cut out some concrete on your patio or around your pool for this design.

You should make sure that you are very careful when tearing out this concrete.

You want the edges to be smooth, and you should not hammer away at the concrete.

You can rent a concrete saw that will cut right through the concrete.

You can lift the concrete that you have cut, and you can begin to add your tiles or pavers.

When you would like to remove an entire patio, you can smash the concrete so that it will be easy to remove.

You should mark the perimeter of the patio again, and you can begin your tiling project.

You can set up a hole for the fire pit, or you can add a special fire pit you have bought.

Hiring a professional to help

You might want to hire a professional to help you. There are times when a professional needs to help because they have the tools and expertise that you need.

You can ask a contractor to bring in someone to lay the tiles carefully, or you can ask the contractor to destroy the old patio so that you can build a new one.

You might not have time to do this project by yourself, or you might not feel comfortable trying to complete this project by yourself.

Make a plan for your fire pit today

You can tile your fire pit or use pavers to make it look amazing. You can set up a special place to use the fire pit, and you can make this pit a part of your overall design.

Most people who have a fire pit will want to hang out in the backyard for most of the summer, and they can also use this fire pit to make their pool or patio more attractive.

You can add value to the house, and you can host gatherings because you have a place to hang out.

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