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You have a covered fire patio. You’re thinking a gas fire pit could be the perfect way to make your backyard a paradise for you, friends, and family.

Before you go ahead and set up a gas fire pit under covered patio, do a little research first.

You want to make sure your gas fire pit will be safe, that you don’t risk any type of damage, and that you won’t run into any trouble where you live.

Preparation will pave the way to success.

Know the code restrictions for your town or city

If you have wondered can you use a gas fire pit under a covered patio, check with code enforcement before you do anything with a gas fire pit on your property.

Many towns or cities will require you to get a permit to have a fire pit in your yard.

They may also have restrictions, including how far your fire pit must be from any other structure.

They may recommend that you place your fire pit far from your home, out in the open.

If that is the case, don’t give up your dream of having a fire pit.

You can clear a dirt area, make a concrete slab, or lay patio blocks on the area of your yard where you want your fire pit to be.

Place lounge chairs around the fire pit to bring back memories of campfires any time you want one.

Make sure your fire pit is a safe distance from your home or other structures

If you have a patio that is connected to your home, garage, or pool house, make sure the fire pit will be a safe distance from any building.

If your code enforcer allows you to have your gas fire pit under cover, place your fire pit the farthest possible distance from the building while it is still under cover.

You want to avoid any potential disasters involving a fire and your home.

Make sure nothing is hanging over your gas fire pit

If you have a covered patio, you may have lights, flowers, or other decorations hanging from the ceiling.

Check where you have chosen to place your gas fire pit.

Make sure there is nothing that could possibly catch fire over the fire pit.

If something is dangling and ignites, the patio roof could go next. Flames could travel to your home.

Ventilation is important

If you would like your gas fire pit to be under cover to avoid rain or snow, make sure it is open on at least three sides.

You need to have plenty of airflow to keep the area well-ventilated. You and your guests should not be inhaling smoke when sitting by your fire.

Think about the height of your patio ceiling

Remember that heat rises. If your patio ceiling is too low, your fire pit could ruin it.

Check with your code enforcer about how high the recommendation is for your ceiling.

You can also look at the pamphlet that is provided by the manufacturer for your fire pit.

Your best bet may be to wait to build a covered patio until you have chosen the fire pit so you can make sure everything is up to code.

Pay attention to your flooring

You should never have a flammable foundation underneath your fire pit.

If your patio is a wooden deck, you may want to consider placing your fire pit someplace else.

Composite flooring and vinyl are not advised either.

These are materials that can catch fire or send projectiles every which way when they combust.

Cement or slate or good choices for flooring that is beneath your fire pit.

If your covered patio doesn’t work out for any reason, consider alternate locations.

Consider an open plan over your patio

If you haven’t built your patio yet, going with an open style may be best. You can leave it completely open with an umbrella over your table to provide shade.

Make sure the table and umbrella are a safe distance from your gas fire pit.

You can consider four posts with a frame running overhead that is perfect for lights and plants.

Make sure your fire pit is in the middle of the patio.

If you like a pergola, you can run boards overhead that are spaced several inches apart.

You can add a cover over the pergola or leave it open to provide ventilation.

Make sure your fire pit is not near anything that is flammable.

Think about all your options before making a final decision

Even if you are allowed to put your fire pit under your covered patio, consider all of your alternatives.

If you do put it under a covered patio, you need to make sure there is plenty of space around the fire pit to avoid unintentional fires or anyone getting hurt.

You may only have room for a few chairs.

If you want to be able to have a circle of guests around the central attraction of your yard, a platform or location in the middle of your yard may be best.

The more room you have, the more people can enjoy it.

Make sure there aren’t any trees or any other flammable objects near your pit.

Sketch out your plans ahead of time to ensure you have exactly what you want in the end.

If your fire pit is placed away from your covered patio, you can create a beautiful walkway that leads to your fire pit with solar lights and other decorations along the way.

Plant flowers next to your path to turn your yard into a getaway.

Make the most of your gas fire pit

When you take the time to research safe locations for your fire pit, you’ll be able to get the most enjoyment out of it.

Safety should be your priority above everything else.

When it is safe, you’ll be able to sit back and relax while you enjoy the flickering flames in your fire pit at any time that works for you.

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