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The taste of the meats, fish, cheese, vegetables, and other foods you cook in your smoker depends upon the level of heat inside it.

Unfortunately, many smokers allow precious heat to escape during the cooking process.

This is especially disappointing in the wintertime when you want to use your smoker in cold temperatures.

Fiberglass insulation is one solution to this issue. This is just one type of material used to insulate a smoker.

In this article, we’ll discuss the potential safety of this material, what form it is available in and how to use this insulation method effectively.

Can you use fiberglass insulation for a smoker?

The answer to this question is yes. Fiberglass is included in the material used to make what’s known as a welder’s blanket.

The fiberglass material is covered by another heat resistant layer. This blanket is what you use to cover a smoker as it heats up.

Welders wear protective gear insulated with fiberglass and sewn together with tough Kevlar thread.

They need protection against extremely high heat and flying sparks.

So, if welders rely on this gear, then you know fiberglass insulation for smoker is safe for your device.

Benefits of fiberglass for smokers

Fiberglass insulation can endure temperatures in the range of 300 to 1,000 degrees Fahrenheit.

This is a benefit if you want to smoke foods at an extremely high temperature.

And, most importantly, your smoker can maintain that temperature so your food gets done right.

Another benefit of fiberglass insulation in the form of a welder’s blanket is these blankets are easy to find.

They are available at many home improvement stores that sell construction materials.

You can check out the selection online before visiting the store.

This type of insulation blanket is easy to put on your smoker.

It’s also simple to remove if you ever want to use your smoker without the welding blanket.

It stays on securely in windy weather, so you don’t have to worry about losing your insulation at some point during a cooking session.

One of the biggest benefits of a welding blanket made with fiberglass is it can be cleaned.

It can be washed to remove odor or dirt but be sure to review the instructions that accompany the blanket.

Washing it the wrong way or using certain chemicals on it can take away its power to insulate.

Some of these blankets can be washed in a home’s washing machine.

Of course, if your welding blanket is extra large you may want to take it to a laundry mat to get the job done.

Your fiberglass insulation can protect your smoker from rain, snow, sleet and even the harsh sunlight.

Over time, these weather conditions have a tendency to cause rust and other damage to a metal smoker.

Plus, you probably like the idea of adding years of life to your smoker!

When you use a welding blanket as insulation for your smoker, you’re able to get full use of the device year-round.

So, if you live in a location in the country that gets a lot of snow, ice, or other types of cold weather, you don’t have to put your smoker away for the winter.

This means you get your money’s worth on the price of your smoker!

What types of smokers can fiberglass be used with?

A welding blanket with fiberglass material in it can be used on any type of smoker.

So, whether your smoker runs on charcoal, wood, electricity, gas or pellets, a welding blanket can serve as insulation.

This type of blanket can also be helpful with outdoor grills that lose a lot of heat.

This blanket and its fiberglass material are resistant to high levels of heat.

Be sure to check the details on any welding blanket you buy regarding the specific temperatures the product can withstand.

How to install fiberglass insulation in your smoker

First, you have to choose the size of the welding blanket for your smoker.

It’s best to choose a welding blanket that is at least six inches longer on each side than the body of your smoker.

That way, you can move it around a bit to make sure your smoker is covered.

Second, drape the welding blanket over your smoker making sure the insulation doesn’t cover the firebox.

You can cut holes in your welding blanket to accommodate things like the smoker’s temperature gauge.

In other words, you want to be able to see the temperature gauge even when the welding blanket is on your smoker.

Third, instead of just leaving your welding blanket hanging at the sides, get four large disc magnets to use in securing your welding blanket to the base of your smoker.

The magnets serve to keep the welding blanket from sliding off or gaping open at the bottom.

Be sure to put your welding blanket on your smoker without any food inside it for a test.

That way, you can see whether the welding blanket helps to maintain an optimal temperature inside your smoker.

As a note, to make sure your welding blanket is serving its purpose you may choose to do a more thorough temperature test.

Utilize a second thermometer designed to gauge the interior temperature of your smoker.

That way you can compare the gauge on your smoker with the one inside your smoker to see if the heat is being distributed in an even way throughout your smoker.

Manufactured insulation for your smoker

If you prefer to have fiberglass insulation that’s specifically designed for your smoker, there are many manufacturers that make them.

Check to see if the manufacturer of your smoker makes fiberglass insulation for your device.

If so, you can avoid adjusting the fit of a welding blanket, cutting holes in it, and buying magnets. The insulation will be made to fit your smoker.

A benefit of getting an insulation blanket from the manufacturer of your smoker is you can send it back if there are any issues.

Also, most of these types of blankets are designed with clips, detailed cleaning instructions and other conveniences that can make it easy to maintain the insulation blanket.

Safety considerations with fiberglass insulation for smokers

A safety consideration to keep in mind is to avoid purchasing a welding blanket that is too large for your smoker.

If the sides of your welding blanket are brushing the ground around your smoker, they can be stepped on causing an accident or damage to your smoker.

Another safety consideration involves any holes you cut in the welding blanket to accommodate the smoker’s handles or firebox.

Depending on the quality of the blanket’s design and material, the edges of the holes you cut can start to fray or tear.

If this happens, it’s best to replace the welding blanket with a better quality one.

Lastly, fiberglass insulation can make all the difference in the taste and flavor of the meat, fish, vegetables, cheese, and other foods you want to smoke.

Just imagine being able to use your smoker year-round to make your favorite dishes instead of only during the warm weather months.

Always consult an industry professional before using any form of insulation with your smoker.

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