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Which is better between the double flame patio fire pit and the solo stove in terms of functionality, design, durability, portability, and cost?

Cooking outdoors or just warming yourself is way better when there is less or no smoke.

The double flame patio fire pit and the solo stove give a great deal of the smokeless outdoor fire.

The two provide you with the option of having a blast outdoors with the reduced effect of less smoke.

In the case that you want to change your cooking environment and keep away from the oven and indoor grill, the utilization of the pits provides a good change of atmosphere.

Cooking outdoors can be fun with the right equipment and fire pits ensure you are on track with your outdoor activities.

As much as the two devices are similar, there is a bit of difference.

Homeowners value their living space and their home appliances a lot.

As much as the living space inside is cozy and warm, the outdoors can use some warmth using the fire pits.

During the cold season, people tend to stay indoors.

With the fire pits, you can stay outdoors with a fire pit that gives you heat and even light, if you so wish.

The fire pits provide the option of getting some fresh air and enjoying some warmth emanating from the fire.

As much as both deliver these functions, they have some differences that might affect your purchasing power.

Double Flame Patio Fire Pit

A double-flame patio fire pit is a fire pit made from heavy-duty steel and used in outdoor settings such as the patio, backyard, and even camping.

The double-walled construction that is effecting in reducing smoke and ensuring the safety of the product is the most pleasant aspect of the double flame pit.

The fire pit is very useful in cooking, and its secondary combustion mechanism guarantees proper airflow for consistent cooking.

The Solo Stove

A solo stove is a wood-burning camp stove that is useful for camping and backpacking.

It provides heat and light for campers, but it is not ideal for cooking, but in the case that you need to, you should get a grill grate.

It is made from stainless steel and works by emitting hot air from the cold air that flows in. It uses dry twigs and sticks to produce fire.

You can as well use it in your backyard or at the beach. It is light in weight and easily movable.

Factors to consider when weighing your options

Every machine that a person seeks to buy should be the best and affordable.

In this section, we will look at the differences between the double flame patio fire pit and the solo stove and which is better.

The differences come in several ways, including:

  • The type and durability of the materials used in manufacturing
  • Ease of use
  • The design of the devices
  • Portability
  • The cost


The two fire pits serve a variety of purposes. People can cook, heat, light, and burn things from a fire pit.

Even though the two help in most of the objectives, there are some differences.

The double flame patio fire pit can carry out all these services, but some of the solo stoves face challenges when it comes to matters like cooking.

The solo stove requires a grill grate in the case that you want to cook.

For the double flame patio fire pit, all the equipment is ready. All you need to do is adjust to your preferred height.

Design and durability of manufacturing material

We all want products that are manufactured using long-lasting materials.

The two stoves have been made using heavy-duty stainless steel for durability.

The double flame has a depth of 22 inches and a diameter of 19 inches while the solo stove is a bit smaller with a depth of 14.5 inches.

The two pits have a double wall of stainless steel, which helps in ventilation and airflow.

Similarly, both have a secondary combustion mechanism in the form of holes.

In the double flame patio fire pit, the holes are along the rim while in the solo stove, the holes are at the bottom.

Ease of use

I am sure you would not want to purchase a product which presents difficulties in assembly and use.

Today, most people buy products online and come and assemble them from home in readiness for use, and the fire pits are no different.

The good news is that it is effortless to use the fire pits. Make sure you have dry twigs and tinder for starting the fire.

Collect your firewood, lay around six to eight sticks at the base in a Jenga shape, get your natural fire flamers, and get started.


Camping and backpacking involve a lot of motion calling for highly mobile backpacks.

No one wants to break their back carrying any heavy object.

The double flame patio fire pit weighs 42 pounds while the solo stove has a wide range of weight with an average of 2.2 pounds.

Both the fire pits are highly portable, and you can transport them with a carrying case in case you have a camping trip.


Safety is very crucial in whatever activity we engage in, more so where a fire is involved.

The durability of the heavy-duty stainless steel ensures no corrosion or melting of the metal occurs.

Comparing the double flame patio fire pit vs solo stove in safety, think of shields for the solo stove, and heat resistant handles and adjustable posts for the double flame patio fire pit.

Another critical feature is that the solo stove does not have bottom support, while its counterpart has four short legs for support.

The double flame patio fire pit has sharp edges, which might cause cuts or wounds if one is not careful while the solo stove has smooth edges.


Every person wants value for their money. The value here means a product that is of high quality, durable, and long-lasting.

As a homeowner, you need products that will serve you for a good deal of time, more like an investment.

The cost of double flame patio fire pit vs solo stove is quite substantial.

The double flame patio fire is more expensive than the solo stove and with good reason.

The double flame patio fire pit is more prominent and with more functioning mechanisms.

It is a lot safer to use than the solo stove because of the heat resistant handle.

Functions for which you can use fire pits:

  • Burning
  • Heating
  • Cooking
  • Lighting

All factors considered, both stoves are a good bet for keeping away the cold.

When it comes to cooking, the double flame patio fire pit is fully equipped and ready, but for the solo stove, you will need a cooking grill grate so that you can prepare your food.

The solo stove does not have a base, but its counterpart has four short legs ensuring steadiness.

The double flame patio fire pit might be more expensive, but it is way better in terms of functionality and versatility.

When you get to choose between the two, think of the one product that will serve you better and with many functions.

Final thoughts

Enjoying the outdoors is therapeutic for everyone. Why not enjoy the fresh air with a fire pit that will warm you and, at the same time, cook yourself some food?

The double flame patio fire pit is an excellent choice for cooking and heating, especially during the cold season.

The results will be unbelievable for both your heating and cooking needs.

If you need a double flame patio fire pit, make a point of getting one at your local store or order online and get a good deal.

Say goodbye to smoke with the smokeless double flame patio fire pit.

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