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When you are using a vertical smoker, you need to ensure that the smoker has been insulated properly.

There are a few tips listed below that will help you keep the smoker in good condition, insulate the device, and ensure that you get the best smoking results.

You are trying to cook just like professionals, and you often need to take steps that professionals take to make their smokers easier to use.

Read more as you search for the appropriate insulation method.

How to insulate a vertical smoker

Use an insulating jacket

When you want to insulate your smoker, you should look for an insulating jacket that can be wrapped around the device.

You can buy an insulating jacket that is made by the same company that manufactured the smoker.

You can easily match these jackets to these devices, and you can quickly insulate the smoker without much trouble.

At the same time, you might also find third-party insulating jackets that are designed to fit your smoker.

You should measure the smoker carefully because you want to know that the jacket will fit.

Make sure that you have found an insulating jacket that has an aluminum shell.

You want to use jackets like this because they can hold in the heat without getting too hot on the outside.

You do not want to feel like the smoker is producing more heat than normal, and you do not want to make the area so hot that people cannot be near the smoker.

You should also adjust your insulating jacket if it does not fit perfectly. Do not be afraid to cut the jacket just a little bit to slide it into place.

This is one of the best ways to keep heat inside the smoker. You know that the jacket is not going anywhere because it fits properly.

The jacket will not cover the firebox by accident, and the jacket will be easy to store because it can be folded and hidden with your other smoker products.

Use an insulation blanket

When you are setting up your smoker, you might leave it to smoke for as long as you want.

The blanket itself can simply lay over the smoker because you will be cooking for a very long time.

You can use these blankets so long as they will cover the entire device.

You should also make sure that you do not wrap the blanket around the firebox.

You can wrap the blanket around the device several times, or you can drape the blanket over the device.

Because you do not need an exact fit, you can choose the setup that you think works best.

When you learn how to insulate a vertical smoker, you should also make sure that the blanket is not frayed or damaged.

You are using a blanket that is designed to keep your smoker warm, but it can be hard to use if it has frays or damages.

The frays on the blanket could catch fire, and damage to the blanket could allow the insulation inside the blanket to catch fire.

You should check your blanket every time you use it, and you should replace it if it is ever damaged.

When you are using insulation blankets, you can easily roll them up and store them when you are not using the smoker.

What about a welding blanket?

When you are trying to insulate a smoker, you might want to use a welding blanket.

Some people already have access to a welding blanket, and others might get one at a discount.

When you use these blankets, you will get a lot of coverage and protection.

Remember that welding blankets are very strong because they are designed to prevent sparks and flames from injuring a welding professional.

The immense heat that is created during the welding process mirrors the kind of heat you can create with a smoker.

When you begin to wrap or drape the blanket around the smoker, you should not cover the firebox.

You should never use fabric for the firebox, but you can be sure that the rest of the device will remain as warm as possible.

Welding blankets could be even larger than the insulating blankets you get for smokers, and that is why you might want to find a company that can sell you a welding blanket.

Welding blankets are also very helpful for you if you would like to set up a barrier around the smoking area.

Hanging welding blankets might be helpful, but you will still have heat coming off the smoker.

This is why you should plan carefully before making your purchase.

How does a cement board work for the firebox?

When you are trying to insulate the smoker, you should also consider insulating the firebox.

You can use a cement board to do that, and you will find that it easily covers the opening when you are done using the smoker.

You cannot have any active fires or sparks inside the firebox when measuring, and you should close up the firebox with the cement board.

When you can close off the firebox, you can send more smoke back through the device.

You should not use a blanket with the cement board to prevent fires.

The cement board is something that you can cut out on your own, and it will be something that you can install and remove when you feel it is needed.

When you are cutting your own cement board, you can press the board against the firebox opening.

You can cut it, press it in to break it off, and you will have a simple cement board that is easy to use.

Can you forgo insulation for your smoker?

No. These smokers are designed to give you full coverage with all the smoke that is produced, but you cannot expect it to retain heat well.

You know that heat is leaving the device because you can feel the whole area get hotter just seconds after you turn on the smoker.

You should find some form of insulation that is easy to use, and you need to replace your insulation product if it is ever damaged.

Is your smoker ventilated properly?

After you learn how to insulate a vertical smoker, you should also check for ventilation around the smoker.

Most smokers are not ventilated properly, and you should make sure that the device is ventilated before you continue.

You need an insulating blanket that can help you keep the smoker as warm as possible.

You also need to purchase the proper device or ventilate it yourself.

When you are looking for a new smoker, you should think of what is appropriate for your smoking needs.

You can see if the smoker is ventilated well, and you will learn quickly that some smokers are actually dangerous.

You need to do something to make it safer to use, and that might include adding ventilation yourself.

If you are not comfortable making adjustments to your smoker, you can work with someone who knows how to add ventilation.

You may also need to spend a little bit more money to get a smoker that will be ventilated well.

It’s time to get smokin’

You can smoke better proteins today when you take all these steps to insulate your smoker.

You will find that it is easy to choose the proper blanket, and you will feel much better knowing that you can keep the smoker warm and infuse flavor into all your meats.

You should look at the smoker, check for the vents, and add an insulation system.

Some people will buy a jacket, but others will buy a blanket or use a welding blanket.

You have many options, and these options can turn you into a grill master.

You can help friends with smoking meats, or you can set up a massive grilling station outside your home.

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