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It is winter and you need a heating device that can either heat your garden or your patio, well you have to consider a pyramid heater or a patio heater. It is hard to get the best of the two, but you don’t need to worry. We’ve got a good comparison for you, which will ease your burden of choosing the right heating device. It’s a pyramid heater vs. patio heater!

Pyramid Heater

Who says that the perfect time to gather is during the summer? Even during winter, you can organize a get-together, and prepare the meeting point, well, you’ll have to get yourself a decent pyramid patio heater. There are different types of pyramid heaters with varying features of heating and different modes of use.

Fire Sense Pyramid Flame

With a sleek design but strongly built, the pyramid uses propane to heat either your backyard or your patio. Having a sleek design, it is easily portable and can be used anywhere in your compound or even carried onto your open patio. The design helps it to match up with your garden or house decor easily.

Unlike its small size, it is capable of emitting way above 35,000 BTU of heat, that is the standard heating for heaters that can heat up little to average patios. Whether you will be using it outside during rains or winter and it starts to snow, it can also be carried inside the house to heat the room.
Here are the best features that it has:

.Up to 39,000 BTU of heating power
.It’s not conspicuous and easy to move around
.Built of stainless steel
.Has a safety feature to prevent it from tilting
.Has up to 25-pound fuel level at maximum fill

Dancing Flame Pyramid Heater for Garden use

Do you want something that stands out in your garden? Dancing Flame Pyramid is the right pyramid heater for your patio. From its name, the flame dances while dazzling! Planning to dine outdoor, make sure you get to have it on your backyard, as it is sure to bring a pleasant mesmerizing mood, the dancing flame would surely bring out the perfect atmosphere to enjoy your evening meal. Unlike the latter, Fire Sense Pyramid Flame is capable of heating up slightly above 30,000 BTU, which is still somewhat okay.
The characteristic features it packs are the following:

.Up to 39,900 BTU heating power
.A safety feature to prevent it from tilting
.It covers about 457.2 cm in diameter
.Beautiful dancing flame

Thermo Tiki

With a peak heating level of 45,000 BTU power, this is the most significant heating pyramid heater. It can be used commercially in restaurants or hotels. With it, it surpasses the 457.2 cm diameter which it covers to heat up. It is built of materials that makes it capable of surviving even the harsh weather conditions. It is the heater built to long-last.
Its best features include:

.Total of 45,600 BTU maximum heat emission
.With a safety valve, it is unable to tilt and easy to regulate it
.Has a mesh to protect it
.Has roll over wheels for easy maneuverability
.Has up to 10 hours of continuous heating

Highland AZ Pyramid Patio Heater

The most uncomplicated design of all the pyramid heaters. It is perfect for use in swimming pools, having a modern look. If you like to enjoy your afternoon outside on the beach or your swimming pool, then you’ll have to light up your pyramid heater on a windy afternoon. Having a safety feature that protects it from overheating, an anti-tilt stand, switching off itself after prolonged use or when not in use, and it also has up to 40,000 BTU, making it equal with the majority of the other Pyramid heaters. Some of its best features include:

.Maximum 40,000 BTU of power
.Anti-tilt stands that protect it from windy weather
.Can heat the surrounding for 10 hours straight

Patio Heater

For patio heaters, the majority are usually powered up by propane, natural gas, and electricity, with propane being the universal energy source. The units once purchased are easy to use as it’s a plug and play; hence no installation required. Patio heaters have a variety to choose from, from freestanding ones to tabletop heaters. There are a few designs of patio heaters to choose from, unlike pyramid heaters, which have a variety.

Home labs Patio Heater

Home labs Patio Heater is the most energy-efficient and burns all the propane it uses to heat, hence reducing emissions. It wastes no fuel, which tends to get more expensive while also protecting our environment from harmful emissions. With a press ignition switch which produces sparks to light up the propane fuel, and starts the heater.

The majority have a standard color of the gold finish, which makes it match your decor in the house and back in your yard. Capable of a maximum 40,000 BTU with an SS Burner, It is imposing as it can keep the whole yard warmed-up and has a pole where you guys can put your drinks closer to chill them up. Some of its impressive features:

.Have wheels hence making it easy to move around
.Maximum heating capacity of 41,000 BTU
.Perfect color for blending with your decor
.Has a heating range of up to 15-feet
.They vary in sizes, from a smaller one to a bigger one

Pyramid heater vs. patio heater: how do they compare?
Honestly, this will depend on how you’ll want to use them, whether indoors or outdoors, their energy source, location to be used, safety level, and the size of the heating area.

In terms of safety, the Pyramid Heaters take it. With them, they have safety mesh that prevents your pets and children from burning. Also, the flames are unable to get to close objects and get them burnt, unlike the Patio heaters, which can quickly burn you.

The fuel energy they use to heat up; the Pyramid heaters majority use electricity for their energy source while the Patio heaters majority use propane. For power, it consumes quite a lot to heat up, which results in high charges of electricity bills. Propane fuel is costly, but the Patio heaters are energy efficient and rarely waste
their energy source.

For those with restaurants, large open spaces, or places with severe weather conditions, it would be right to use the pyramid heaters to survive even some of the harshest weather conditions.

The patio heater for them to be used on tabletops or grounds, you have to get sand of about 10 kg on the ground or the table. You will need to secure it on the table. This makes them quite not easy to use or move around.


In comparison, you can see that Pyramid Heaters and Patio Heaters both have their advantages and their disadvantages. It all comes down to their mode of use and what the owner intents to have it for. Indeed, investing in a right heater is the best way possible to enrich your outdoor lifestyle, and spice up your backyard or your patio as you’ll get to connect with nature while enjoying yourself and not to worry about cold anymore.

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