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Smoking meat has been around for a very long time. Ideally, when man discovered fire, he has been smoking meat ever since.

It is an excellent way of cooking meat because of the flavor it brings, and at the same time, it is also an effective way of preserving meat.

It is because the drying effect of the smoke is exceptional in keeping bacteria away, hence making the meat stay for a long time without going bad.

In this article, we have discussed the tricks to smoking meat, and everything else you need to know about it.

Benefits of smoking meat

Smoking meat has many benefits, which is what makes it popular among many people.


Smoking meat brings an exceptional flavor that cannot be brought by any other cooking method.

When you smoke meat at the right temperature, it will break all the proteins in the meat’s muscle tissue, which makes it more tender than when you grill or bake the meat.

Additionally, smoking meat also melts more fat, and when it combines with the meat’s tenderness, the result is a delicious taste.

Enhances smell and appearance

While the hardwoods used in smoking meat act as fuel, they also have a pleasing smell, which adds flavor to the meat by enhancing the meat’s aroma.

There is a variety of hardwoods used to smoke meat, and the aroma the meat will have will depend on the hardwood used to smoke it.

Furthermore, smoking a piece of meat creates an acidic coating around the meat, which adds to its flavor, and gives it a unique appearance.

To confirm that you have adequately smoked your meat, you will see a pink smoke ring that will appear on the meat.

Preservation of meat

Smoking meat removes all the moisture in the meat. Moisture provides a conducive environment for bacteria to thrive.

Thus, when the meat is dehydrated, the bacteria that spoils it will not thrive, which ensures that the meat stays for a long time without going bad.

Our ancestors discovered this trick when they used to hang meat in their huts, and the smoke-dried it up.

They discovered that dried meat could stay for a long time without going bad.

It is healthy

While smoking meat low and slow is an excellent way to add flavor, it is also the right way to make the meat healthier.

When you smoke the meat, it will be much tender, creating a lean protein, which is healthy. It also breaks down more fats in the meat, which means that you will be eating lower calories.

Additionally, smoking meat is also the right way of preserving meat.

It gives you an alternative way of preserving meat instead of using harmful chemicals to preserve it.

Recent studies done on some of the preservatives show that they are carcinogenic.

Thus, smoking saves you from contracting certain cancers by providing a safer alternative for preserving meat.

It is versatile

The versatility of smoking is impressive. It is because you can smoke any type of meat, and get a superb result.

Moreover, you can also smoke vegetables and fruits.

Smoking will add a delicious taste to a variety of foods, and also add some other unique elements to the food.

Tricks to smoking meat

While smoking gives superb results to any type of meat, there are specific types of meat that would be excellent for smoking.

Pulled Pork Butt and Shoulder

Pulled pork butt and shoulder are slices of ideal pieces of meat to smoke if you have many guests to feed.

You should smoke it low and slow, at the right temperature for the best result.

Pork Ribs

Pork ribs are also suitable, primarily when you use certain hardwoods to do the smoking.

It is delicious, provided you smoke the right way without overcooking or undercooking.

Be sure to use a thermometer to check the inner temperature to ensure the meat is ready.

Chicken Breast

The best way to cook a chicken breast is by smoking.

The resulting flavor of the chicken breast is exceptionally superb if it is smoked.

Moreover, you can also add some flavors of your choice to enhance the chicken’s taste after smoking.

Pork Chops

Pork chops are perfect for simple dinners at home with your family.

It is quite easy to smoke a pork chop, and it also takes less time to get cooked.

Therefore, it is fit to prepare for a quick dinner with family members.

Beef Brisket

Smoking beef brisket with the right recipe will also give you incredible results.

Smoking a beef brisket makes it tender, and incredibly delicious, especially if you add suitable spices.

While smoking the beef brisket might take some time, it is worth it.

You also have to ensure that the brisket gets well cooked by checking its inner temperature.

Strip Roast

A strip roast would be an excellent choice of meat to smoke during a holiday.

This meat is exceptionally juicy and tender, and it would make a perfect choice for a holiday that you expect to have many guests at your place.

Your guests will be satisfied, and also pleased by the delicious taste of the strip roast.

Garlic Butter Prime Rib

It is also a superb holiday feast. Before smoking the prime rib, ensure that you slather it in a garlic herb.

It will enhance its taste, and it will be by far the best prime rib you have ever tasted.

But you have to ensure that it gets properly cooked, and it is tender enough before serving it.

Additionally, ensure that you smoke the prime rib at a constant low temperature for the best results.

Safety Tips for Smoking Meat

While smoking meat might be fun, you have to ensure that you know the safety guidelines for the best results.

Ensure that you always sanitize

Before you start smoking, ensure that you are working on clean surfaces.

Primarily, you have to sanitize the working surfaces using chlorine and warm water.

Moreover, you should also be careful not to contaminate the cooked meat with raw meat.

Be sure to place them on separate surfaces to prevent contamination.

Be mindful of the temperatures

If you are not careful with the temperature, the meat might spoil, or it may cause food poisoning.

Be mindful of the temperature when cooking, ensuring that all the bacteria that may cause food poisoning gets destroyed.

You should ensure that the internal temperature of the meat reaches 160 degrees to destroy the bacteria.

Furthermore, you should ensure that the refrigeration temperature is below 40 degrees, to inhibit microbial growth.

If the temperature is above 40 degrees, the microbial growth may thrive, and cause the meat’s spoilage.

Use fresh meat

If you want to smoke meat for preservation, you have to ensure that you use meat that is presently fresh.

If you smoke meat that has already started going bad, it may not help.

Moreover, you should also ensure that the meat you smoke for eating is fresh to get an excellent result.

If your meat is not fresh, the results you will get will be incredibly disappointing.

Check your smoker

To get excellent results from smoking a piece of meat, you have to ensure that your smoker is in good working condition.

You have to check everything correctly, including the thermometer’s calibration, to ensure that you adequately monitor the temperature of the meat.

Moreover, don’t start smoking the piece of meat until it reaches the recommended temperature.

Follow recipes adequately

You should adequately follow the recipe to ensure that you get the best result.

Messing up with the recipe can be fatal to your cooking, especially with the part where you add spices.

You can ruin the whole meat with just one avoidable mistake.

Thus, be careful with the recipe, and don’t underestimate how it can affect your final result.

How to make smoked meat more tender

Finally, you also have to ensure that your meat is tender to enhance its taste.

  • Ensure that you choose a fatty cut of meat so that it melts and softens, and increases its tenderness when it gets smoked.
  • You should also marinate your meat before smoking. Generally, marinating your meat makes it more tender, and it also offers you many other ways to modify your smoked meat.
  • Also, ensure that you keep the temperatures moderately low. When your smoker’s temperature is too high, it will dry out the meat.
  • Don’t cut into the meat when smoking it. Cutting into the meat will release juices, and the resulting meat may not be tender.
  • Finally, avoid leaving your smoker lid open. In contrast, you may sometimes open it to check how your meat is cooking, but ensure that you don’t leave it open for too long. Leaving it open will make the smoke escape, which leads to the less tender meat.

Smoked meat is exceptionally delicious, but it has to get smoked the right way.

Be sure to follow our guide on how to smoke your meat to get superb results.

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